Friday, January 23, 2009

Our Day...


Doc Op said...

Emily. What a find. I was flipping through and will now have to add your link to my blog.

(I believe, too, that I have seen your picture with all the kids in a national publication.

Anyway, quick question. How dow you get your pictures so big. I can't find a template that allows for that I desire to flatter doing the same.


Doc Op said...

Emily, sorry to post my querry here. I tried the email, but it didn't connect. If your are willing, I really would appreciate some instructions on how to place larger photos on the blog.

I did go to the Html and found I could increase the size of the left hand column. (It also threw all my picutes at various positions with a lot of blank space. I tried stretching a picture to fit, but it started to "pixilate" (if thats the right word.) As is, I ussually upload pictures at 700 px across (to increase speed and protect the original file, but still alow for people to look at the pictures larger if they open them up.)

So, if you increase the space, do you use the same means to uplod the photos, and do they appear larger if you create the larger space?

I really apprecaite the help. And I am much taken by your photowork. (The ballet work is absolutley stunning.) You look like you have been at it for years, but I figure you are not long out of school. I worked for a newspaper for about 4 years (Fort Smith AR, small city/big town). Had the time of my life, though it was a hard gig for my family

the email here is

Kirk Jordan