Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving #3-Zoladz Family

Thanksgiving day was spent on the east side of the state (Chris and I rotate every year for the actual day), which consisted of parade/football watching, making crab cakes, lots of dogs, and of course, Mrs. Z.'s amazing cooking.

Thanksgiving #2-Rockford Farm House

There's no place like the home you grew up in to celebrate a holiday. Even though dad keeps the place at roughly 54 degrees, we kept warm by the fire.

Thanksgiving #1- Lots of Babies

Thanksgiving with Central Michigan friends at Josh and Kate Walkers' was so much fun. It consisted mostly of Joshy, Abigail and Carter entertaining us followed by random conversations that lasted until about 3 in the morning. Also, Kim's cherry cola Jello was awesome.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Rachel's Wedding Part 2- Was there even a groom?

Don't worry Tim- You'll make it into the next post.

Tyler and Hope

Grand Rapids Press Photo

The Annual Santa Claus Parade

Grand Rapids Press Photos

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Barber Blues

This little guy was NOT excited to be getting his hair cut. Beneath the apron he was clutching a toy :)
(Grand Rapids Press Photo)

Tree Lighting in Rockford

My first assignment with the new 24-700. (Grand Rapids Press Photo)

Deeply Rooted Dance

Grand Rapids Press Photos

Happy Birthday Mr. Gordy

Reason # 157 why I love community journalism

Oakdale Christian School's beloved "Mr. Gordy," claps in surprise as he is serenaded "May the Dear Lord Bless You," to the tune of "Happy Birthday," by students Friday morning as he entered the school. Gordon VanHaitsma has been making students and staff smile for years with his humorous t-shirts from Goodwill, which students wore in his honor on Friday. "This is fantastic," VanHaitsma said about his surprise, "but it's fantastic every day."
(Emily Zoladz | The Grand Rapids Press)

Tavern on the Square, Details

Grand Rapids Press Photos

Dog Park

Grand Rapids Press Photos

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Hanging out at Saint Paul the Apostle School

I took some freelance photos at Saint Paul the Apostle last week and it was fun. I particularly like the little girls praying before snack time :)

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Rachel's Wedding Part 1

One week ago I had the privilege of shooting my cousin's wedding in Saint Paul, Minnesota. I plan to post a few updates for her, and for my family, as I tone through the day.