Thursday, January 22, 2009

Frosty Fire.

This assignment was the coldest I have been this winter, it was crazy to watch the water turn to ice here. Luckily, I was not alone, Hollyn was there with me and we froze together. At one point the spray from a fire hose whipped right at us and sprinkled our faces with icy water. I kept my toes propped on my car heater for a good 20 minutes before they gained feeling back. Oh the joys of dedicated journalism!


katie said...

wow! crazy cold!! you guys should take some of those handwarmers shakers next time, they work pretty well... i like the photo of the firefighter trying to warm up his own hands. tough!

Eric said...

I agree. That was one of the coldest assignments of the year for me. I almost slipped and fell into the water with my brand new HD camera. Eric from FOX 17.

Drew said...

I remember a body was found in a cemetery (how ironic I know) but it was way up in the mountains. Driving up an icy mountain in the dead of the morning totally sucked. I know what you mean.