Monday, June 30, 2008

Back to Work...

We did a story on people who are coming out of retirement and going back to work as a sign of hard economic times. I thought this woman was so cute. Her name is Julie and she works for a non-profit organization that builds low-income housing for Grand Rapids residents in the Hearside area. Unfortunatley my window of time to shoot that day was limited to 30 minutes when she was on break...yep. So we did a portrait. Still, an inspiring woman and a pleasure to meet.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


On Friday Chris and I found this small kitten in a parking lot underneath my car in the city. We walked around the neighborhood and asked if she belonged to anyone but failed to find an owner. Storm clouds were rolling in, and we're both big softies, so we took her home. Lupe seemed like an appropriate name since we found her behind a Mexican restaurant. Although we fell in love with her, Chris and I didn't want become *those cat people* with four felines. So today Chris and I sent out e-mails at work soliciting a good home, and I posted fliers with this picture. Within two hours a woman from the Press called and stopped by to pick her up. Is it pathetic that we're going through withdrawal? We both miss her a bit, but I'm glad she has a good home now. I hope you're happy little one!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Asparagus, Aged.

Joyce and John Feenstra are both in their 90's and have been selling asparagus out of their garage since...1954. I got to photograph them in their very last asparagus season on Friday. The muffin tin is where they store the money they've made for the day as customers come in, some as regulars for 20 years. The portrait is supposed to be reminiscent of the American Gothic farmer with a pitchfork next to his wife artwork. I thought it was fun! Needless to say, Chris and I had asparagus for dinner that night.

Waterfront Film Festival

The 10th annual Waterfront Film Festival was this past weekend and I was assigned to shoot the Thursday night street party. The jump rope photo is of a competitive double dutch team from Brighton, performing in honor of the sneak-peek movie "Double Time." Chris and I actually went back to the festival on Saturday to watch cool documentaries and walk around in the sand :)

Pink Tights and Potting Soil

I shot this little girls' tea party awhile back for the press and it was so fun. In slight chaotic panic, mothers were running around trying to help their daughters plant potted flowers in princess dresses while others jumped on the host girl's bed and explored her world of purple my little ponies and barbies dolls. It made me remember the days I used to run around in pink tights and pretend I was traveling to candy land myself. Ah, to be young again...

Thursday, June 12, 2008

For Dad...

Photographs for my Father's Day gift, titled "My Girls," a coffee table book with photographs of all the important women in his life. My sisters and I had a bunch of fun in the press studio making pictures for the book. 

Monday, June 2, 2008


Biblical Learning Center Director Ron Reynolds of Grand Rapids stands in the Holy Place inside the tabernacle replica at Cornerstone University on Monday. The structure is meant to illustrate the tabernacle built by Moses and the Israelites as instructed by God in the book of Exodus. The structure contains two rooms, The Holy Place and an inside Holy of Holies room where only the highest priest would enter. The tabernacle will be open for tours June 2 through October 19. Admission for adults is $9.00 with proceeds going to an AIDS orphans group.

Start of Something New

Kimberly Johnson, 18, of Grand Rapids cries while hugging Central High School Dean of Students Sonya Hernandez before commencement Saturday at Sunshine Community Church. All four Grand Rapids Public High Schools held their graduation ceremonies at Sunshine on Saturday.

Head Bump

Unity Christian's Paige Capel (front) uses her head to pass the ball as South Christian's Kelly Gordon watches in the division three district final game Saturday at South Christian athletic fields. The final score was 3-0, Unity.

Hanging Free

From left, Michael Davis, 7, of Grand Rapids and his sister Janaesha Glasco, 10, climb on the monkey bars Tuesday at Riverside Park. Warm weather drew many to the park for playing, lounging, and chasing geese.

The Lion Hat

John Ball Zoo vet Dr. Ric Berlinsk pauses outside a lion cage before moving in to sedate the animal for a leg xray. Berlinsk, who is OCD, says that he never does anything dangerous with lions before putting on his lucky hat, which he has worn for many procedures.

Golden Gloves

201+ pound weight class boxer Tor Hamer (L) of New York Metro, slugs Lenroy Thompson of Florida during the 2008 National Golden Gloves Tournament Thursday at DeVos Place.

Jeanine and Obama

Grand Valley student Jeanine Anderson, 20, of Chicago, Illinois is friends with Barack Obama on facebook. Similar to My Space, the social networking internet site allows people to chat and share photos and videos. Obama has 767, 696 "friends," or supporters connected to his profile. "He has all the qualities of all the great leaders of the past with a new sense of hope," said Anderson, who has been linked to Obama on facebook since December of 2007.