Thursday, October 9, 2008

View from the Top

I went on my first hot air balloon ride this morning and despite my fear of heights, it was amazing. Chris was actually my connection- his station was doing a piece on ReMax's 30th anniversary and he was going to stream video from this little hand held phone in the air. When he found out he was getting a free balloon ride, he asked if he could bring his wife and so up I went! For some reason these photos are showing up pixely on the blog, but are quite clear in photoshop, particularly the last red photo, on the left. Post if you have any ideas...

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katie said...

wow! i love that last red balloon shot - and it looks lovely paired with the red tree photo.

it seems like blogger makes images where one color dominates a lot of the frame pixelated - it's like, it can't use the real number of colors actually in the shot - so it reduces it down to like, 3 shades of red - which makes it pixelly.

i've been up in a hot air balloon once before too - i'll never forget it!

p.s. i plan on naming my first born daughter "pixelly" in honor of your balloon question. ;)