Wednesday, October 22, 2008

My Week at MSU

For the last six days I have been shooting a freelance job for Michigan State University through a Grand Rapids marketing firm. We are highlighting the ten different majors within MSU's School of Agriculture, shooting environmental portraits of students from each major. Andy, the art director on the project, and I, have been tromping all over the campus, shooting at farms, greenhouses and in fields with sheep stalking us. This picture is of a student named Gail who works at the school's dairy farm from sun up to sun down. Shortly before this, Gail helped deliver a baby calf that we witnessed with wide eyes. I did photograph the birth, although I don't think the marketing department will be using those shots to recruit students :)

1 comment:

katie said...

ah, the old cow birth. i hope when chris asked you what you did that day you said, you know, had breakfast, went to msu, saw a cow give birth, you know.

i like this shot - although, for some reason, i wish the building's horizon wasn't tilted.

and i'll also say what no one else will utter (no pun, ok, pun intended) ...i wanna see the cow birth pictures!!