Tuesday, June 17, 2008


On Friday Chris and I found this small kitten in a parking lot underneath my car in the city. We walked around the neighborhood and asked if she belonged to anyone but failed to find an owner. Storm clouds were rolling in, and we're both big softies, so we took her home. Lupe seemed like an appropriate name since we found her behind a Mexican restaurant. Although we fell in love with her, Chris and I didn't want become *those cat people* with four felines. So today Chris and I sent out e-mails at work soliciting a good home, and I posted fliers with this picture. Within two hours a woman from the Press called and stopped by to pick her up. Is it pathetic that we're going through withdrawal? We both miss her a bit, but I'm glad she has a good home now. I hope you're happy little one!


katie said...

wow! that was quick! which sounds like it's a good thing in terms of your withdrawal symptoms...

Linsey said...

I'm glad you and Chris are happy in Grand Rapids. It really is amazing how fast time does go by. GR seems like it'd be a fun place to live. Stephen and I are living in Newburyport which is on the ocean and at the mouth of the Merrimack river. It's a really great place to live in summer...and I guess the winters are cozy, too. Although we do love it here, we are trying to get back to Michigan. We miss are family and friends!

I've been working at the Salem News for almost two years. It's busy...some days I have like 5 assignments which gets a little crazy. We've also just launched a glossy magazine that focuses on one of the coastal cities that we cover, which has been a really fun and challenging project to work on.

Also, I've been meaning to ask you...do you have Hanna Newhoff's email address?