Monday, June 16, 2008

Asparagus, Aged.

Joyce and John Feenstra are both in their 90's and have been selling asparagus out of their garage since...1954. I got to photograph them in their very last asparagus season on Friday. The muffin tin is where they store the money they've made for the day as customers come in, some as regulars for 20 years. The portrait is supposed to be reminiscent of the American Gothic farmer with a pitchfork next to his wife artwork. I thought it was fun! Needless to say, Chris and I had asparagus for dinner that night.

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katie said...

emily - i meant to tell you how much i loved that top portrait in the paper... and GREAT job laying this out girl! let's go into editing business together! one thing - it looks like your right edges are getting cut, try saving you pictures at 10 pixels less on the horizontal side. good stuff - LOVE the asparagus vertical, and the money shot. ha money shot.