Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Youth Hostel-London

Chris and I stayed in Youth Hostels while bashing around Europe (really just London and Paris), last week and this was not something I had experienced before. Despite my fears of a bunk mate named Sven snoring thunderously above me every night in our six person dorm, or the idea of creaky bunk beds and musty blankets with 19 year old Australians arriving drunk into the room at all hours of the night (a few of the places on Hostelworld.com advertised "Stay here if you love beer,") it was actually really cool. Hostels are a fun way to meet people from all over, who mostly speak English and are trekking around for the same reasons you are, to see the world and experience a culture other than their own for a decent price. Yes, my husband slept on the bunk above me and no, it was not our honeymoon all over again, but it brought us distinctly back to our days of living in the dorms at Central Michigan, only in London with Australians, Canadians, an Argentinean, and a few Americans for roommates.

These frames are from our first hostel in the Lambeth neighborhood of London. It was our first stop so I took more photographs at this hostel than the others. There must have been some sort of smudge on my lens, which is noticeable in the second photo. We stayed here for two nights and it was within walking distance of Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, the London Eye, etc. Breakfast was free every morning. The milk was whole but Nutella was available for toast and the tea was excellent.


katie said...

super colorful shots... why are they sort of glowy though?

Emily Katelyn said...

I know...I think it's because this was right after I unpacked my bag and there was a smudge on my lens. After cleaning it, the glow goes away..

Doc Op said...

glow aside, you are the queen of color. I don't know what you do, but your colors always hum...withouth looking like you have blown out any values in the process. They look saturated but not contrived. And you make ordinary things look fresh and vibrant.