Tuesday, April 14, 2009



katie said...

emily... great job with this. i imagine this was difficult at times - it's stunning, and the audio interview, the ambient audio, combined with the pictures really are a great example of how multimedia storytelling is so different from a stills story. one thing that i found myself wondering throughout was, what happened to him? what was his condition... where did it happen to him? a title slide could easily explain this if you don't have the audio... the other thing is that i think you needed ambient sooner. and, i don't know how you feel about it, but i also think you could really help draw your audience in with a simply piano riff throughout. just ideas - but it is really really amazing. what a great job, i'm so impressed, and really proud of you!! great job... ;)

Doc Op said...

I can not tell you how moving this is. I am so impressed with your ability as a story teller, evidenced across the spectrum of your work. It seems you have a real ability to enter into the lives of people, and have them just be themselves before you. (I am also much taken by the young woman in this story, and her selflessness (despite what she calls it.)
This next comment may sound odd, but when I was a much younger photographer I had some of your people ability - but not the technical base. Now I have the technical base, but feel less at ease in some situations. As a teenage kid I could wonder into a housing project, Nikormat in hand and no one asked why. Now they all want to know what that man is doing here. You are using your youth to good ends, but with such strong technique. I hope you never lose your ability to enter into other's lives.

(I would, with Katie, like to know a little more background, but perhaps the lack of detail makes the story both a mystery, and universal.