Friday, December 19, 2008

Surprise! Will You Marry Me?

Hollyn, our photo intern, got engaged today :) She thought she was shooting an assignment about some Christmas Box story, little did she know it was a set up, with her boyfriend hiding in the box to jump out at her. She thought I was coming along to do multimedia gathering, but of course I was just there to photograph her. Our editor spoke with her boyfriend before hand and he decided to do a column on it, so the bottom photo will be running in the paper!


katie said...

AHHH! so so awesome. i'm so glad you went to document emily! i can't wait to see this in the online pdf... and props to the editor (chris?) who said we could run it in the paper!

hol-lyn said...

Thanks Emily. :) I am also SO glad you were there to shoot!

hol-lyn said...

The top pic is it.