Tuesday, July 15, 2008



Keith said...

wow. what a storytelling photo. Great Job Emily.
For my sailboat shot I was actually on a yacht with another photographer who was freelancing for a Grosse Pointe paper. The back of the boat was the only spot to take photos from so it was somewhat limited but at least it was out on the water.
How fun that you have a sailboat. I've never sailed, it looks like a lot of business with all those ropes and masts. Looks like fun though ! Keep up the great work

katie said...

i just saw this online. i thought the expression on her face says it all. nice composition here too... what a mess.

Russel B. said...

Emily, Your work is great, I enjoy the way you see the light in the world. Very sharp. Your work make me miss photojournalism. It is good to see you doing well.